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EXO is Hanteo’s #1 selling artist of 2013!; VIXX is #5!

EXO has set another record for the year of 2013!

Hanteo ranked them as the #1 selling artists of 2013 because they managed to sell a whopping 972,974 albums through Hanteo’s charts alone!

No specific albums were named in this achievement, so we’re assuming that Hanteo accumulated the total sales of all their albums this year, including XOXO, XOXO: Repackaged, Miracles In December, and MAMA.

But they’re not the only rookie groups to rank high on Hanteo’s charts!

EXO ranks 1st for best selling album artist on Hanteo's charts VIXX ranks 5th
Cr: EXONyeonDan

VIXX found their way up to #5 on Hanteo’s best selling-artists list with 186,220 albums sold through their charts!

VIXX had a really great year with the release of Hyde, Jekyll, and VOODOO Doll, and they even managed to gain a lot of new fancafe members recently!

What a way to kick off the year for both groups! We hope both groups find much success in 2014.

VIXX is starting 2014 off with follow-up promotions using their beautiful ballad “Thank You For Being Born”.

EXO will be concluding “Miracles in December” promotions soon, and will be working hard on their 2nd mini-album, which is suggested to be released sometime around February. Rumor has it that the title track will be “Cosmic Girl”.

That, and EXO’s D.O is currently working hard on his new film role for the movie “Cart”.

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