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EXO is ready to combat the heat with IVYclub’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Spring is just around the corner and IVYclub has the gear everyone needs to combat the heat.

IVYclub has unveiled some of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection and of course they wanted EXO to endorse their men’s lineup.

The boys somehow managed to pull off both an innocent and a manly look for IVYclub’s photoshoot.

The style is very chic and preppy, which we love.

EXO is ready to combat the heat with Ivy Club's Spring Summer 2014 collection 8

The boys showed off a variety of apparel, including short-sleeved dress shirts, polos, flat-front shorts and more.

Most of the outfits make it look as though they’re ready to go golfing, or head to a country club.

It all looks very rich and high-end.

The main target audience if of course younger folk and teenagers, which is why in several of the photos, stuffed animals and water guns were used as props.

After seeing EXO make the outfits looks so good, I would expect a big increase in IVYclub’s sales.

Check out EXO’s pictorial for IVYclub below!

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