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EXO is recording their next album already!

While we already know that EXO has been working hard at recording a new single, we just found out that EXO’s actually recording a whole new album!

The boys let out the great news at their Daejeon fansign event today (the private one, not the cancelled one), exciting all of their fans!

Not only that, but @theofficialDR, one of the producers for EXO’s music, let out a tweet today saying,

“It’s goin down once again at SM Entertainment studios! @Frost4beatlz @ryanjhun @yonmark. These new songs are SERIOUS!”

I wouldn’t doubt him since EXO mentioned in their MTV Asia interview that their next concept will be even more spectacular than both “Wolf” and “Growl“.

EXO is recording their new album already!

I’m VERY excited for this new album! Of course, everything about the album is still very hush-hush because the mystery is half the fun. I’m just hoping that these boys find time to get some sleep in the meantime!

We know that EXO has become super popular and SM Entertainment wants to capitalize on that, but they’re humans too and require some downtime in order to regain their energy.

Source: @EXOGlobal

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