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EXO is the target of racism over MTV EMA awards

So if you guys didn’t hear the news yet, Girls’ Generation won the “Video of the Year” award at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards… and Beliebers and Directioners were pissed!

They went on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other SNS they could get on and started bashing Girls’ Generation for winning over their idols.

They were saying a lot of disgusting, racist things towards the girls, and making lots of nasty comments towards Tiffany. But the thing is, they’re just upset because they weren’t able to rally together like the K-Pop fandom to make their idols win.

Tiffany said it right. It was thanks to Girls’ Generation’s fandom, SONES, that they were able to win the award. Their fandom is loyal, and they were persistent in voting for Girls’ Generation.

And the thing is, it isn’t just the SONES, but the entirety of the K-Pop fandom that’s loyal and persistent. They all chimed in to help the girls win as well.

EXO the target of racist remarks over MTV EMAs

So yes, Beliebers and Directioners were pissed off, and now they’re targeting EXO with their remarks. The next big award to come out is MTV EMA’s “Best Worldwide Act” award. There are a lot of acts competing for the award, but the main battle is between EXOtics, Beliebers, and Directioners.

The latter two groups are now more focused than ever in making sure that their idols win, because they “won’t let Asians win that award” either. They’ve been bashing EXO all over the SNS networks, using various racist remarks and attacking EXO’s talents, size, etc etc.

Some of the comments are a bit too racy to post, but if you want to see them, just look on Twitter and Tumblr.

One ignorant remark has been going viral on Twitter and Tumblr. A girl asked if Sehun was a vegetable. Seriously?

Now I’m someone who always says, “May the best person win,” and I wasn’t even counting on EXO winning just because the Beliebers and Directioners’ fanbases are crazy, but now I really hope EXO does win.


Well, at first I feared for EXO winning because I thought, “What if they went on-stage and got a lot of hate from other fandoms?” Well that’s kind of already happening, so you know what? If they’re going to be hated on anyways, they might as well get that nice, big trophy to make up for all of that.

And if those racist fans are already getting so pissed off at the thought of EXO winning, I would love to see how they’d react when it actually happens.

If you haven’t already, vote for EXO here at the MTV EMA awards. You can vote up to 100 times a day, but you know, even if you only want to vote once, it’ll still help!

What I loved and still love about the K-Pop fandom is how culturally accepting everyone is. We have White, Black, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino, Muslim, German, and French people in our fandom, and that list is just off the top of my head.

There are so many different types of people in our fandom, and everyone’s okay with that. I love it. I really wish other fandoms were more culturally accepting.

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  1. Dewen5 says

    All the more reason to make them win.

  2. Vanessa Anne says

    Eh. They’re just sore losers. Proud Asian Exotic over here! <3

  3. Ajrah Belkeas says

    LET’S BEAT THE DIRECTIONERS MWAHAHAHAHAHA, lol i really wanna see their faces though…

  4. Ngoc Nguyen says

    Haters are going to hate no matter what….if they want their artist to win then maybe…I don’t know….go to the website and ACTUALLY start voting?? instead of just flipping out later when another artist won….so immature!!! I’m so going vote like no tomorrow now!!!!!!

  5. kitty says

    So true, with our solidarity we can bring down goliath! (where goliath is racist directioners/beliebers, we are all david and stones are our votes. lol) 😀 Voting 100 times a day. Baek peocent.

  6. KukiPanda says

    a vegetable? .. m okay xD wtf

  7. AllieNam says

    I love Justin Bieber, One Direction and Exo. I know more aboit 1d and JB, but i love kpop too, and i was never counting on exo winning because directioners are real psychos. My bffs are directioners, and i love kpop. So, may the best man (or men) win!
    Ps Justin Bieber is not a group, mr or miss author,

  8. KukiPanda says <– [Vote] How to generate 3300 points (per day) for EXO on MTVEMA – EXO NEWS & TRANSLATIONS

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  13. FamilySKSS SAM says

    well LOL guys, most epic plot twist of the year happened; THE WINNER WAS CHRIS LEEEEEEEEE!

  14. nixonna says

    here is a hindu too from India

  15. Yee Weng XOXO says

    I’m a exo stan and i like english pop too. This just seriously pisses me off. Don’t blame other groups. Its not just EXO takes one award then you start insulting the group. If you are a dedicated and respectful fan, you will keep voting and then helped your idol win.

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