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EXO is working hard filming for their comeback MV!


While Mnet was wrong about EXO coming back on March 20th, they are right that EXO will be coming back soon!

Kang Junho, one of the staff members at SM Entertainment, has just uploaded a picture through his Instagram account.

The picture shows EXO filming their comeback music video for their 2nd studio album!

And from the way he worded it, EXO’s 2nd studio album will indeed be a full album. YES!

EXO filming their comeback music video for 2nd full studio album

Kang Junho blurred out the EXO members (probably to hide the choreography), but we’re glad to see EXO on set.

Since they’re filming their music video today, it should be ready in just a few more days (seeing as the Korean Entertainment industry likes to complete music videos within a week).

We’re most likely looking at an April comeback!

One thing that worries us is that EXO’s schedule for next month seems jam-packed!

We have D.O filming for his upcoming drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love”.

We have EXO as a whole debuting in Japan on April 12th, plus they’re preparing to release a Japanese album through Avex Trax.

We have Baekhyun and Suho possibly filming for SBS’s “The Roommate“.

And who knows what else EXO has planned.

We wonder how these boys are going to do all of these things as once.

On the plus side of all this, April seems like a great time for them to debut. All of the major, senior K-Pop artists have already made their comeback, and the ones who have yet to comeback don’t plan to until Summer.

Then again, we can’t forget that Psy is reported to be making a comeback in April… which would be dangerous for EXO’s promotions, but YG is known to delay their artists’ comebacks over and over, so who knows!

We hope that EXO’s promotions for their second full-studio album goes well, and even better than their XOXO promotions (although XOXO will always hold a special place in our hearts)!

Source: Kang Junho

  1. Maijun Jamdee says

    I see only six members… EXO-M and K won’t come together? 🙁

    1. Kelly Phan says

      They’re debuting as Exo-K and Exo-M… 🙁

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