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EXO-K and SMROOKIES will have a show called EXO 90:2014!


Update 4: It appears that SMROOKIES will only be guest stars on EXO’s new show. That’s a bit depressing.

Update 3: Rumor has it that EXO-M may appear in a some of the episodes later on in the series. We don’t see why not, so we look forward to their appearance!

Update 2: The 1st episode will feature Kangta from H.O.T as the special guest! The episode is entitled H.O.T Party.

Update: Super Junior’s Leeteuk will be part of the show as well!

EXO-K and the boys of SMROOKIES are teaming up for a brand new reality show called EXO 90:2014!

It’ll be different than the other reality show featuring all 11 boys of EXO, Legend.

SMROOKIES Taeyong, Johnny, Yuta, Jaehyun, and Ten will star in this series (no Jeno or Mark).

All of the boys began filming their new reality TV show on July 24th.

EXO and SMROOKIES will have a new show called EXO 90 2014

EXO 90:2014 will be a short reality show, having only 12 episodes to air!

This will be the first reality show that will star SM’s boy trainees.

We know that SM is hoping that EXO’s popularity will help launch their trainees’ success quicker.

EXO 90:2014 will begin airing on August 15th and will conclude on October 31st.

It will air every Friday at 10:00PM.

We’re kind of sad that EXO-M won’t be featured in this reality show… but I guess having 16 stars would be kind of an overkill for one show.

We hope to see some great interactions between EXO-K and the SMROOKIES.

We know that Sehun and Taeyong are close, but we wonder who else gets along as well.

We would also like to see if Suho will act as a big, strict older brother to the SMROOKIES.

This series will be delightful to EXOtics and future fans.

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