EXO-K D.O’s character synopsis for Cart

EXO-K D.O’s character synopsis for his soon-to-be released movie “Cart” has been revealed!

His character’s name is Taeyong, and he feels resentful towards his mother (Seonhee) because she isn’t able to provide him with the latest smartphone, give him his lunch money on time, or even return home for days at a time.

His character later gets a part-time job at a convenience store to help with his and his family’s financial situation.

D.O says that he shares many similarities with his character Taeyong. He says that Cart has many aspects that others his age will be able to relate to.

EXO-K D.O character synopsis for Cart Taeyong

Cart is about a single mother ,Seonhee, (played by Yeom Jungah) who has been laid off from her contract job at a megastore.

She has to find ways to support her family while struggling with the effects of unemployment.

We can already tell that this movie will be heart-wrenching, and we can’t wait for it to come out!

Translation Credit: over_dyose

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