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EXO-K D.O’s movie “Cart” to be released on November 13th, 2014


EXO D.O’s movie, Cart, has been slated for a November 13th, 2014 release date!

The movie, which also stars Yum Jung-Ah (as D.O’s mother), is a highly anticipated film, especially since the preview, which was released in late August, shows that it’s a much more dramatic and intense film than what the movie’s synopsis tells us.

D.O will be playing the role of Yum Jung-Ah’s son, Taeyong, who is rebellious and resentful of his life situation.

He resents being in poverty. His mother isn’t able to provide him with the same lifestyle as his peers, such as supplying him with the latest smartphones, or being able to give him lunch money in a timely manner.

EXO-K D.O movie Cart to be released November 13th

D.O was at first scared of playing the role of Taeyong.

Since he wasn’t a rebellious child in real life, he had to discover new emotions in order to portray Taeyong the way he was meant to be portrayed.

But under the guidance of his sunbaes and the directors, he was able to work hard and bring his character to life.

We’re a little more than a month away from D.O’s first movie premiere! Are you excited to watch Cart? If D.O’s acting in Cart is anywhere as close to how he acted in It’s Okay, That’s Love, then we’re sure we’re going to be amazed.

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