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EXO-K Kai’s handprint sells for $8,140

It was already amazing enough that EXO’s Kai’s handprint was up to $7,000 in bids a week ago, but the final bid for the price is just mind-blowing.

One lucky bidder was able to purchase Kai’s handprint for the ridiculous price of $8,140.

She’ll be high-fiving that handprint for the rest of her life.

Kai’s item was the highest bidded item of the week.

EXO-K Kai's handprint sells for 8140 dollars

Following Kai was SNSD Taeyeon’s handprint, which was far, far behind at $2,500.

After that was , SHINee Onew’s handprint, which sold for $2,150.

While they weren’t trailing behind Kai’s auction by any means, the fact that people were willing to pay two grand for their handprints is still pretty great.

We hope that those fans are happy with their purchases.

And if you thought that the bids for last week were unbelievable, wait til you see what’s happening this week.

These fans are really going to make UNESCO’s Girls’ Education Cause happy.

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