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EXO-K Kai’s older sister to open up a dessert cafe!


Word has it that Kai’s sister will be opening up a dessert cafe in Kamong-ni, Gangwon!

The dessert cafe is called Kamong Cafe, and it’s already receiving a lot of buzz!

There’s no specific date in which the cafe will open, but we’re hoping it’s soon.

We would love to see pictures of the shop and what the it will be offering.

EXO-K Kai's older sister to open up a dessert cafe 1

There’s a “coming soon” sign that says the cafe will serve “espresso, waffles, handmade cookies, and muffins”.

It sounds very limited at the moment, so we hope they expand it a little more!

We also hope that EXO’s fans come and help support Kai’s big sis.

Who knows, maybe there will be a section of the cafe that’ll be like a shrine to Kai!

Just like what Chanyeol’s parents have for him over at Viva Polo.

We hope Kai’s sister’s cafe is met with a lot of success.

They better prepare for a huge crowd on opening day!

EXO-K Kai's older sister to open up a dessert cafe

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