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EXO-K performs “XOXO” live for the first time on SBS’s Cultwo Show

The EXO-K members recently made a guest appearance on the Cultwo show, making hilarious jokes, giving more details concerning their lives, and of course showing off their live vocal skills.

What was surprising about this Cultwo show episode was that EXO-K actually performed one of their newest songs “XOXO” live! Fans were expecting to have to wait until their special concert tonight to hear them sing it, but EXO surprised all of us.

EXO-K performed “XOXO” very well, with a few mistakes here and there, specifically with Kai and Sehun adorably messing up their lyrics.

EXO-K performs XOXO for the first time on The Cultwo Show

The boys were just getting their fans excited for their special event, “EXO Live! Growl on One Summer Night”, which is set to air later on today at 8:00PM.

Fans noticed something strange however. EXO didn’t come onto the Cultwo show as a whole, which has fans concerned that the group may be splitting back into their sub-units soon. It’s a depressing thought, and we all knew that it was coming eventually, but chances are the split won’t happen for a little while longer… seeing as their Growl promotions are still going on (they still have awards to win!).

For those of you suffering from heart-ache, be sure to check out EXO’s XOXO live performance in the video below. It’ll be sure to cheer you up!

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