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EXO-K to get Top 10 award from MelOn Music Awards 2014

EXO-K has made it to the Top 10 artists in the MelOn Music Awards 2014.

EXO-K has accomplished a lot this year. With the release of just one mini-album (no repackaged), they sold over 375,000 albums this year.

It’s unfortunate that EXO-M didn’t make it to the Top 10 as well, especially since they themselves sold 275,000 copies of their mini-album, but I guess the scandals of this year really had an impact on their results.

Other artists on the Top 10 list are 2NE1, g.o.d, WINNER, Girls’ Day, B2ST, Sistar, IU, Akdong Musician, and Big Bang’s Taeyang.

EXO-K to win Top 10 MelOn Music Award 2014

The list of artists in the Top 10 are not arranged in any particular order.

Also, these Top 10 artists all have a shot at winning the daesang from the MelOn music awards, so if you can, vote vote vote for EXO-K!

It would be amazing if they win an Artist of the Year Daesang two years in a row.

End-of-the-year awards are always so exciting!

  1. ShyQuietGirl says

    That’s awesome! Exo! Fighting!~

  2. JKrules12 says

    EXO FIGHING!!!!!!!!!!

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