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EXO-K warmly invites their Filipino fans to their K-Pop Republic concert

EXO-K has extended a warm welcome to their fans in the Phillipines through a short, yet adorable greeting video. In the video, they’re encouraging their Filipino fans to attend the K-Pop Republic concert that will take place on September 7th.

EXO-K will be joining forces with Dal Shabet and SHINee to give Filipino fans a dynamic and powerful K-Pop performance, one that will be well worth the cost of the tickets. Unfortunately for EXO fans all around, EXO will not be performing at the concert as a whole group. EXO-M will be performing their own separate set of activities, but on the bright side, at least you’ll get to see the 6 charismatic members of EXO-K! Glass half full.

EXO-K warmly invites their Filipino fans to their K-Pop Republic concert

K-Pop Republic will still be a fantastic event, even with only half of EXO being present. The boys will perform their sub-unit versions of Growl and Wolf, so there will be some slight alterations to their performance, but that’s okay. We’re still not sure whether or not they’ll have an extended setlist, but fingers crossed. Hopefully they’ll be able to perform their other great songs like “MAMA”, “Baby, Don’t Cry”, “History”, and more.

For those of you in the Phillipines, the K-Pop Republic event will be held on September 7th at the Araneta Coliseum. Check out EXO-K’s greeting video below. The video has English subs thanks to Code:EXO.

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