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EXO-K wins 1st place on M!Countdown with “Overdose”


EXO-K is back on M!Countdown, and they put on a fantastic performance.

Despite all of the drama that is happening to the group behind-the-scenes, the boys were very professional on stage.

They were dressed up in all black, and they looked fantastic on-stage.

Not only that, but they also took home the 1st place trophy!

EXO-K wins 1st place on M!Countdown with Overdose

The boys went up against A-Pink for the win, and they won by a landslide.

They had 9706 points compared to A-Pinks 4729 points.

Unfortunately, EXO-K didn’t have it in them to stay on-stage for the encore or the acceptance speech.

Only EXO-K’s leader Suho stayed on-stage.

It’s great that he’s such a strong leader. Being able to put on a brave and neutral face and giving a speech despite everything that’s happening.

He really deserves a lot of kudos for staying on-stage by himself.

Despite all of the drama of Kris leaving, EXO-K will have to continue promoting “Overdose“.

It must be really difficult for them.

But we’re all here to support them! We hope they continue to do well in the future.

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