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EXO Kai’s pre-debut audition tape revealed

EXO’s Kai was featured on SBS’s special documentary “Determination: 10,000 hours”, where he demonstrated how much he learned in his 5 years of being an SM trainee.

It was through this documentary where Kai’s pre-debut audition tape had been revealed for the first time.

He was very, very young when he first auditioned for SM Entertainment, and despite having to perform in front of a huge crowd, he still displayed confidence and charisma.

Even back when he was young, he was a stellar dancer, but you can see how much he has improved since then.

EXO Kai's pre-debut audition tape revealed

Kai was given around 10 minutes of footage in SBS’s documentary, and it showcased him practicing in SM Entertainment’s dance room.

He was joined by SHINee’s Taemin, his best friend, and they both developed a short dance choreography together.

The SBS documentary also shows Kai preparing for his performances with EXO, and gives us insight on Kai’s honest thoughts when he was training. We find out what he really thought when he saw his fellow trainee’s debut before him, and how he feels now that he’s part of the mega-popular idol group EXO.

Check out Kai’s pre-debut audition in the video below, as well as his full segment on “Determination: 10,000 hours”.

Kai’s pre-audition tape

Kai’s segment on Determination: 10,000 hours

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