EXO – Kolon Sports pictures from High Cut Vol. 121

The boys of EXO are back in another issue of High Cut magazine!

In volume 121 of High Cut magazine, EXO continues to endorse Kolon Sports, but instead of EXO-K endorsing solo this time, they’ve brought along the help of EXO-M as well!

The boys look aggressive, yet charming in this pictorial.

EXO shows that Kolon Sports’ sportswear can keep you warm and still make you look trendy.

EXO - Kolon Sports - High Cut Magazine Vol. 121 - 1

The pictorial took place during the same time EXO was filming their dance-off for Kolon Sports’ commercials.

Kolon Sports divided the 12 boys into two teams: Team Red Shoes and Team Blue Shoes.

Team Red Shoes consists of Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, Tao, and Sehun, and Team Blue Shoes consists of Kris, Luhan, Suho, Lay, D.O, and Chanyeol.

Both teams competed for Nam Bo Ra’s affection, who like many EXOtics, couldn’t decide who her bias was. So instead, she took a shoe from both teams and scattered away.

Check out the handsome boys of EXO in High Cut’s pictorial below.

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