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EXO-L bash Taeyeon for posting up a picture of Chen

Here’s your daily dose of crazy.

EXO-L members started bashing Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for posting up a picture of EXO-M Chen’s Halloween costume on her Instagram.

His costume was hilarious and unique. Why wouldn’t someone want to spread it around on social media?

But of course, if a girl posts up a picture of any EXO member, she better prepare to get hit by the EXO-L hate train.

EXO-L bash Taeyeon for picture of Chen

Taeyeon received thousands of hate comments on her Instagram before she deleted her post.

All she said was that she liked Chen’s Halloween costume and that she thought he was kind for giving her milk.

Infuriating stuff, I know.

Once again, these crazy EXO-L members continue to show how immature and unreasonable they can be, and thus gather more hatred towards our fandom.

We’re sorry Taeyeon for all of the bad seeds in the EXO-L community.

To end on a happy-ish note.. Chen, your costume is amazing and it’s completely you.

Cr: OneHallyu

  1. Anna says

    Ibthink the fandom, our fandom, has some bad people who can’t live with the fact that taeyeon and chen are best friends! Just calme your temper down…

    And to the costume : yep it’s totally chen!

  2. baozi.j says

    I can’t believe these people. EXO introduced me to the KPop world this year. Then I started to like SNSD, Taeyeon is my bias. Fanboy here.

  3. Donna Lyn Dela Cruz says

    They’re so IMMATURE -_-

  4. ShyQuietGirl says

    Goddamn. Exo-L strikes again. Ahh, Taeyeon isn’t my favorite female idol out there, but sheesh she went through enough during the “Baekhyun scandal”… which really wasn’t a “scandal”. Ah I don’t know, I’m so done sometimes.
    But, Chen’s costume was adorable!~ Ultimate bias! <3

  5. Kei says

    Aigoo. These immature fans sure gives me headaches.. I love both snsd and exo! And the fact that they were in the same company right?! I think some exo-l fans was just insecure to our taengoo.. Aish! GROW UP EXO-L ! I think that’s also one reason why the members are quitting! Because many of their fans were immature! Let exo feel loved not just by supporting them but also supporting their friends that they consider as their family!!!

    1. Alyssa Trinidad says

      OMYGAD! now you are blaming EXO-L for Kris and Luhans leaving.. WTH…. they left because of SM mistreated them so please dont say that its our fault why they left.. 🙁 🙁 i get that our fandom is the craziest but what you said really hurt me. 🙁

  6. Kimchilee says

    I guess they are still feeling sore that Baekyun could fall for someone older? anyway.. I also personally do not like Taeyeon bec she somehow seems fake but that’s my thought only. I love her voice though. If she and Baekyun become a team.. my gosh! I wonder how they’d sound like!

  7. Alyssa Trinidad says


    LOL OUR FANDOM~~~~~~

  8. Ha Zel says

    #DramaAlert !!!!! such an attention seeker !!

  9. Raziel Abundo Sabio says

    What an immature fans !! That’s why EXO-L is bein called “THE MOST WORST FANDOM”.. and because of this I left the Fandom.. I love EXO and i will support them not as an EXO-L but a fan..

    1. dd27 says

      agree! same here ^^

  10. Myunghun says

    Chen gave Taeyeon his milk LOOOOOOL am I the only one who got the joke? xD

    1. barcode says

      nope :3

    2. Cathy Gale Dequilla says

      Taeyeon doesnt like milk :3

    3. heyhey says

      I know what are you talkin’ about XD

  11. Bloop says

    Ugh. Immature fans much. I know all EXO-L’s love EXO but can’t you give them a break. EXO have their own private life so just let them be, if they date someone just be happy for them, do you guys not want them to be happy? Just because Taeyeon posts a picture of Chen doesn’t give anyone the right to bask her. She just posted a photo my gosh! I never knew that it became so bad.

  12. Mikaela Arceo says

    The hell with this things. I am an Exo-l also but not that immature to bash someone like that. So what if she post chen’s picture on her instagram it’s a free country. She didn’t do anything bad. It doesn’t mean that she post chen’s picture in her instagram she likes chen already aishh immature fans hayy 😀 You know guys if Exo -L will keep doing this kind of things they will go down because of fans. We are here to support them not to discriminate them.

  13. EXO-LPandas says

    OMG stupid immature EXO-L’s just go get a life already. Taeyeon already got bashed enough from the dating thing, and people blaming on her that she is the reason why Jessica got kicked out of SNSD. Don’t u immature fans just stop? She was just saying that she liked Chen’s costume. Is it wrong for her to do that? Ur oppas aren’t ur BOYFRIENDS, so stop thinking that they are YOURS FOREVER, cuz eventually they will find a girlfriend and get married someday. I just wish some immature fans would just get a life and stop thinking that they are yours. Idk what is going on in those immature minds of yours but immature fans needs to get their brain check cuz eventually they lack COMMON SENSE, and being a MATURE person. Just please GROW UP.

  14. Introvert says

    Before our FANDOM was CooL but Now our FANDOM is Full of immatures. 🙁 Its SAD though

  15. hannhrb says

    Now I know why she unfollow the exo members. Wah! Immature fans, get out of the fandom will you? Please

  16. LiLithepanda27 says

    Literally I am just like:

    but the netizens/stalkers, whoever they are are just like: …

    so other times, I am just like

  17. LiLithepanda27 says

    Literally I am just like:

  18. Javier Ignacio says

    Taeyeon, the drama queen.

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