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EXO-L buys Chen hundreds of presents for his birthday

I feel as though EXO-L becomes more extravagant each year with their gifts. For Chen’s birthday this year, they literally got him hundreds and hundreds of presents.

And they aren’t cheap presents either.

Fans got him clothes and accessories from stores like Saint Laurent and Gucci, and also purchased for him fun gadgets like a 55 inch, full HD LED TV and a scooter.

EXO-L are so nice to our little Chensing machine… although, I really, really don’t know where Chen’s going to store all these presents.

EXO Chen receives hundreds of presents for his birthday 20.png

But Chen deserves all of these gifts for being such an awesome, all-around great guy.

He’s a phenomenal singer, extremely kind and attentive towards his fans, and remember that one time he accidentally ripped off his shirt for us?

He deserves all of these presents and more.

We hope that the EXO members gave Chen a really nice birthday celebration. EXO had to go travel abroad again for their schedules, but that hasn’t stopped them from celebrating Chen’s birthday before.

Check out pictures of the gifts sent in from various fan clubs below.

Source: Smilers

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