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EXO-L Chat Event Compilation – Lay Edition


Here is Lay’s portion of the EXO-L chat event that took place yesterday night.

Lay was writing to fans in Korean, Chinese, and English.

He tells fans not to worry about Luhan-ge because he’s resting in Beijing.

Later on he gets a bit upset because SM’s computers couldn’t handle the chat event.

EXO-L Chat Event Lay Edition

Here is a translation of EXO-M Lay’s conversation with EXO-L, provided by @Chanel, @lyuanz, @prof_ippun, and @light_921.

EXO-M Lay’s Introduction

Lay: Ni Hao.

Lay: Hi (in English).

Lay: Thank you (in Chinese).

Lay: Hello (In Korean).

Lay: Everyone.

Lay: What are you guys doing?.

What good songs are there in Chinese?

Lay: There’s a lot of good songs in China. For example – Andy Lau – Love You 10,000 Years.

Lay: Does everyone know Chinese too?

Lay gets bombarded with messages.

Lay: Everyone, it’s too fast. T_T T_T T_T T_T.

Lay: It’s too fast already.

Lay: Sorry (in 3 languages).

Lay: I have to write in Chinese and Korean too.

Lay concerned about EXO-L’s well-being.

Lay: Everyone, please take care of your health.

Lay: Everyone, cheer up.

Lay: There’s nothing to be afraid of because I am here.

Lay: Healing Healing.

Lay: I’ll write in Korean too.

About Luhan

Lay: Lu ge is resting in Beijing.

Lay. Thank you.

Lay: Okay, thank you.

Lay: Thank you.

Lay: Thank you.

Computers are starting to lag.

Lay: I can type in Chinese, but this keyboard changes to Chinese really slowly. Sorry, I hope you understand.

Lay: I am here.

Lay: There are only 200 shirts at the moment.

Lay: Hello.

Lay: You guys must take care of yourselves.

Lay: Next.

Lay: This is really kkaebsong.

Lay: I’m here.

Lay: Don’t worry.

Lay: I’m sorry that I’m a little bit late. It’s because I was practicing earlier.

Lay: Hello.

Computers are really lagging at this point

Lay: The company’s computers need to be changed already.

Lay: This computer…

Lay: This thing keeps lagging like mad.

Lay: Miss us right???

Lay: Me too.

Lay: Thank you. This computer’s language input method is really too slow.

Lay thanks EXO-L for a great birthday

Lay: How is it? Is it fun?

Lay: I really miss you guys too.

Lay: Everyone, thank you for giving me a forest.

Lay: Thank you for the support you guys gave me on my birthday.

Lay: Everyone.

Lay: What is happiness?

Lay: That’s right.

Lay: Happiness is right now.

Lay: Kkaebsong this computer is really…

Lay: Our company has a lot of money, but the computers…

Lay: Hello.

Lay: Happiness is right now.

Lay: Everyone, even though the replies are late, please wait a little bit.

Lay: It’s a bit too fast. I can’t read them all.

Lay: Have you guys eaten?

Lay: Everytime I have the time, I’ll come.

Lay: Because of you guys this has been a good birthday.

Lay: Please take care of your meal and eat well.

Lay exiting the the chat event

Lay: Wishing that everyone will be able to eat well, sleep well, and be in good spirits everyday.

Lay: We have to leave now because of this computer, so we were delayed. I hope everyone will understand and won’t mind. There will be chances next time. The fans who didn’t get the shirts, don’t be sad. There will be chances in the future. Thank you for all of your support and love. It has been hard on you guys.

Lay: Everyone, this is it. We’ll go now. The love that everyone gave me, I’ll remember it forever.

Lay: I’m going now.

Lay: Ujjujju healing healing dont’ get sick.

Lay: Thank you everyone.

  1. ksevgi says

    hi oppa how are you ? thanks fine .happy birhtday too you.figthing never give up

  2. YixieL says

    Lay really has a warm heart and great affection to his fans..spending his money to give gifts to his fans rather than to receive….. he deserves to be love…. i really love Lay….. ♥♡♥ saranghae oppa!

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