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EXO-L Chat Event Compilation – Sehun Edition


EXO’s Lay, Sehun, and Kai held a chatting event with some lucky EXO-L members last night, and it was… well.. interesting.

Sehun, I can’t even… your responses. So typical, and so troll.

We love this little maknae and his mischievous ways.

Check out the translation of EXO-K Sehun’s messages below, translated by Boonyi, EXOkisskiss88, Sehunownsme.

EXO-L Chat Event Sehun Edition

These are all responses to fan questions (some of which we don’t have), so they may not all make sense:

What type of girls does Sehun like?

Sehun: I like older girls.

Sehun: I like younger girls too.

Sehun: I like all of EXO-L… I like them the most.

Does he play Superstar SM?

Sehun: I don’t play that kind of game..

What is his favorite Chinese food?

Sehun: Kung Pao chicken, hotpot, Wanglaoji herbal tea, and other food that I don’t know the names of.

Does he put anything on your lips?

Sehun: I don’t put anything on.. well I put on my saliva (he licks his lips a lot).

Miranda Kerr is?

Sehun: Miranda Kerr… She’s just Miranda Kerr. (Uh huh… Right).

Fan: I love you

Sehun: Thank you

Fan: But I love you so much

Sehun: then thank you so much (friggen maknae).

Computers were lagging really bad and becoming frustrating for the EXO members.

Sehun: I’m not doing it.

Sehun: I’m going home.

Sehun: It’s so difficult.

Sehun: Lay hyung is mad.

Sehun: Because it’s so fast.

Sehun: The next time, we’ll do this together with 2700k EXO-L.

Sehun: We’ll do it with 2700k, alright.

Sehun: Everyone, I’m blocking you (haha)

Sehun Spam

Sehun: Ohorat x 100

Sehun: Goodbye Everyone. This was very fun, but I have to go eat now. EXO-L, all of you are jjang!! x 100

Sehun: Everyone I’m going to update my Instagram everyone. x 100

Sehun: byebyebye x 100

Sehun: Let’s give up and just be quiet.

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