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EXO-L Shut Down Privé’s Website

EXO member Baekhyun has just launched his new fashion line, “Privé by BBH“, and fans are dying to purchase his goods.

As soon as Privé unveiled Baekhyun’s collection, EXO-L stormed their website and like all of the other websites the EXO-L storm, Privé’s site crashed and burned.

Tech support is still trying to get their website up-and-running.

Baekhyun must be super happy right now.

We sure are happy for him.

Privé by BBH is a streetwear collection that was created to be “commercially available and accessible to everyone.”

Baekhyun could’ve taken advantage of his fans by charging them an arm and a leg for his clothing (and fans would’ve gladly paid the price), but instead, all of the items in his collection cost less than $100.

How thoughtful of Baekhyun.

We can’t wait for Privé to get their website back up because we want to check out Baekhyun’s clothing line ASAP.

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