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EXO Lay’s mother uploads an adorable picture of him as a child

In celebration of EXO Lay’s birthday, his mother uploaded a super adorable childhood photo of him on her Weibo account!

He looks so similar to the way he looks now, dimples and everything. And it looks like he’s sporting a very unfortunate hairstyle (that was actually quite popular back in the day).

Lay’s also holding a violin closely, showing that even as a child, he had an immense love for music.

I’m not sure how Lay will react to his mother posting this photo of him up on SNS. I’m sure he’ll feel lovable embarrassment towards it.

EXO Lay's mother posts a picture of him as a child 1
Image credit: WeHeartIt

Hopefully Lay had a wonderful birthday today. I wonder what the EXO members had in store for him. We all know that Lay’s fans have been going all-out in donating to charity in his name.

XingPark, one of Lay’s fanclubs in China, donated a huge amount of school supplies and musical instruments to a lucky school. Many other fanclubs have been gathering donations to give to charity as well.

Lay must feel very blessed to have so much love coming to him in all directions. We all know that our lovable Unicorn deserves it though.

Happy birthday Lay!

EXO Lay's mother posts a picture of him as a child

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  1. nixonna says

    so cute

  2. emily_kuzma says

    Oh my gosh Lay’s Mother…do you fully comprehend what you are doing to us right now? XD

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