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EXO Limited Edition bracelet from Everysing

SM Entertainment and one of its organizations, EverySing, has just launched pre-orders for a limited edition EXO bracelet!

The bracelet has a simple design and features the Overdose emblem on it.

Pre-orders start today from YesAsia, and orders will be delivered on, or around August 22nd.

These puppies are a tad bit expensive, but I guess that’s due to the fact that once it’s sold out, there won’t be anymore made.

EXO Limited Edition Bracelet

So if you’re willing to shell out around $40, grab this limited edition bracelet before they’re all gone.

And considering how devoted a lot of fans are, especially the ones in South Korea, you can expect these bracelets to sell out fast, just like pretty much all of the EXO Boy Who Cried Wolf pop-up shop items that used to be sold on YesAsia.

For those of you that don’t remember, Everysing was the competition that Xiumin was discovered in. He competed against many other singers and won 2nd place.

Also, if you’ve ordered EXO’s albums, in each packaging there is always a slip for you to enter the Everysing competition.

EXO Limited Edition Everysing Bracelet

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