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EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night’s Growl! to go live in 2 hours


Get ready because in 2 hours, at 8:00PM KST, EXO will be hosting a live event through NAVER STARCAST!

The event is called “EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night’s Growl”, and there will be 200 extraordinary lucky fans who will be in attendance at the event and there will be 12 even more lucky fans who will be personally chatting with the EXO members through the LINE messaging app.

EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night's Growl! to begin in 2 hours

The event will be hosted by EXO’s sunbae, Super Junior’s Shindong.

The entire event will have a school-based theme to go along with Growl’s style. Everyone, including the boys of EXO, will be dressed up in school-attire. The event will feature “six periods” with a variety of events, performances, interviews, and more taking place during each period. The boys will be performing their newest songs, “XOXO” and “Lucky” live for all of their fans, and they will also be unveiling the original music video for Growl!

The entire event will be a must-watch, especially considering that summer is ending and EXO may be splitting back into their sub-units very soon (cue the sad music). So be sure to watch the event. You can watch it live through NAVER’s website here:

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