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EXO Luhan’s representative says money is the main reason for him leaving

A represenative of Luhan has told Yonhap News that money was the main reason that Luhan left EXO.

Just moments earlier, Luhan’s friend told Sina that family was Luhan’s primary reason for leaving both the group.

The represenative said that Luhan was active in a lot more advertisements and promotional activities compared to the rest of the EXO members, yet all of their income was divided evenly.

While that does seem a bit unfair, it’s kind of the normal practice that idol groups deal with. Most are fine with it, and I’m sure Luhan was fine splitting money with the EXO members too.

D.O, Chanyeol, and the others were fine splitting their earnings as well.

Luhan's representative says money was main reason for contract termination

If money was the main reason for Luhan leaving, then why would he terminate his contract with SM Entertainment and be willing to pay the hefty contract termination fee?

I feel like whoever Luhan’s representative is, he’s being hasty with his responses.

But perhaps an argument about unfair wages will help Luhan get a better settlement with SM? Who knows. We’ll leave the lawyer-talk to them.

We prefer Sina’s version of Luhan’s departure.

It makes sense that he would want to be with his family and away from the slave system that SM Entertainment employs.

And Luhan’s Weibo message further corroborates his friend’s interview with Sina.

If Luhan was bitter towards the other EXO members, Lay wouldn’t have been as supportive of his leaving.

Luhan probably wouldn’t have told his fellow EXO members and warned them in advance about him leaving.

We’re glad that Luhan is back home and spending much needed time with his family. We wish him the best of luck, and also the best of luck towards the remaining 10 EXO members as well.

  1. ShyQuietGirl says

    I kinda feel like it was a bad move on the representative’s part, Kris got A LOT of hate for that and all the money talk (In terms of fan’s opinions, not the actual trial) But, whatever works is ok I guess XD

  2. lynresh says

    is LUhan really out of in exo??

    1. EXO-LPandas says

      yea sadly he is….

  3. Carissa Lazaga says

    Why does SME do this with all of their clients?!? EXO wa the only reason i listen to kpop and now theyre falling apart!!!!?!?!?!????!?!?

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  5. Kim Yoonsoe says

    I hate smtown very much. Smtown is a person who think about self than all artist in the company

  6. ExOdreamer says

    All the best and good luck for both EXO members and Luhan and Kris as well. And dont harsh them with your comments!!

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