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EXO Luhan’s soccer coach reminisces fondly of him in an interview

EXO Luhan’s former high school soccer coach reminisced very fondly of him while being interviewed on a program called “Soccer Night“.

He had nothing but good things to say about Luhan.

He spoke about Luhan’s passion for soccer as well as his charming and lovable personality.

Although Luhan graduated high school a long time ago, his coach still has a deep impression of him.

EXO's Luhan was loved by all according to his soccer coach

Luhan’s coach stated with confidence that Luhan was one of his most passionate students.

He would always arrive to practice very early and he was always focused on the sport.

He was one of the top soccer players in his school, and he was really fit and in-shape.

Luhan’s coach pointed out that one of Luhan’s most distinct points as a soccer player was his reaction speed, which of course we have all noticed while watching him play at the Idol Star Athletics Competition.

His coach also commented on how popular Luhan was at school. He was loved by everyone, both the middle school and high school students alike.

During soccer matches, he would have a whole crowd of people cheering for him, especially female fans.

If Luhan wasn’t part of EXO (let’s thank God that he is), he would’ve made a fine soccer player.

Check out Luhan’s soccer coach’s interview in the video below.

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