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EXO-M attends the Show Champion PD’s wedding

While the boys of EXO-K are getting ready for MBC Show! Music Core’s “Sky Festival”, the boys of EXO-M got all suited up to attend the Show Champion PD’s wedding! Unfortunately Kris isn’t in attendance because he still hasn’t returned from Canada.

Alongside Chen, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, and Tao is f(x)’s Amber (who attended in men’s attire of course).

Everyone looks absolutely dashing in their photo op.

Congratulations to the Show Champion PD for tying the knot! I didn’t realize that EXO-M and f(x)’s Amber were so close to him.

EXO-M attends the Show Champion PD's wedding

In related news, EXO’s 3rd episode of Immortal Song 2 is currently airing right now! We can’t wait to see what kind of performance they have for us tonight, but apparently it has something to do with “Trot”.

After the show finishes, MBC’s Sky Festival will start airing, and we’ll be able to see the members of EXO-K perform their versions of “Wolf” and “Growl“.

It’s a bit sad to see EXO already split back into their sub-units, but we knew that it was inevitable. But on the bright side, we get twice to EXO now!

EXO-M attends the Show Champion PD's wedding 1

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