EXO-M Lay’s handprint is currently selling for $9,100

We were pretty awestruck when a fan paid $8,140 for EXO-K Kai’s handprint, so you can imagine just how blown away we were when we found out that EXO-M Lay’s handprint is currently selling for $9,100 at MAMA’s Star Auction.

That’s not even the final bid for the item. There’s still the rest of the week left for Lay’s handprint to be well worth over 5 figures.

If this Star Auction is a popularity contest, then Lay pretty much has everyone beat.

And we can’t say we’re surprised. He’s so kind and generous to his fans, and he also has a quirky personality that’s absolutely lovable.

Plus, who wouldn’t want a copy of a unicorn’s healing hands?

EXO Lay's handprint is currently selling for 9100 dollars

And we can’t say we’re surprised that fans have the money to purchase his handprint for so much.

They accumulated enough money to help grow him a forest for crying out loud.

Following Lay’s handprint is D.O’s handprint, which is only at a baffling $1,450.

We would assume that with his rise to actor stardom thanks to It’s Okay, That’s Love, his bid would be much, much higher.

But there’s still time left for our squishy D.O.

We wish the both of them great luck in their final bids, which we’re sure will be a substantial amount.

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  1. YixieL
    November 8, 2014

    wooooooooow…… The Unicorn healing hands….. so lucky for the one who will win the bid…. ^v^…. Lay hands is so expensive…. hehehe…. Love Lay so much.,…..

  2. ShyQuietGirl
    November 8, 2014

    Daebak! That’s awesome! Haha, I’m sure D.O’s will go higher! 😀

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