EXO-M Luhan tells sasaeng fan to stop following him

While EXO-M Luhan was out and about (probably heading home from his rehearsals for Back to 20s), he was engaged and stalked by a sasaeng fan!

I guess he got tired of her crap, so he took of picture of her and her car, and posted it on his Weibo saying,

“Sasaeng fan. Can you stop following me? Aren’t you too bold? I won’t post the things you said here.”

Sasaeng fans are crazy. I’m glad that Luhan is speaking up against them.

EXO-M Luhan tells sasaeng fan to stop following him

EXO Lay commented on Luhan’s post saying,

“Yes, please stop following/interrupting him. I hope Luhan’s filming goes smoothly.”

I hope that that sasaeng fan sees Luhan’s post and feels ashamed (if they even know the feeling).

Well at least we hope she saw the post before he took it down (out of respect for her ironically).

Between calling the boys, and stalking them outside of their dorms, and following them around via a car, I can see why Luhan would get pissed off.

EXO-M Luhan tells sasaeng fan to stop following him

Credit: Namja1to4


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  1. Jade ^_^
    June 21, 2014

    I hope they stop following him and the rest of the boys. It’s sad to see them getting absolutely no privacy at all. 🙁

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