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EXO-M surpasses 2 million followers on Weibo!


EXO-M’s popularity keeps rising, and at a rapid pace! Their official Weibo account has just surpassed 2 million viewers, showing that they’re becoming huge icons in China.

I mean… it was already fairly obvious that EXO-M, well EXO in general, are highly loved in China. There’s a whole bunch of students who wear EXO’s attire as their school uniform for crying out loud.

It seems that EXO-M managed to gain a whole bunch of new fans after performing at the Shanghai West Bank Music Festival. The music festival attracted a whole bunch of people, many of which were just seeing EXO-M perform for the first time.

EXO-M surpasses 2 million followers on Weibo 1


What was incredible was that EXO-M was given 50-minutes of stage time! Which says a lot about them, considering they’re still a rookie group.

The boys performed their 2013 hits Wolf & Growl, alongside History, Lucky, and 3.6.5. The setlist was fantastic and the crowd loved their performance.

The boys also did some Gwiyomi and the fans, as well as the other EXO-M members, sang Happy Birthday to Lay. It was a spectacular night.

Congratulations to EXO-M for reaching a huge milestone in the SNS world! I’m sure they’ll be hitting some more milestones soon.

EXO-M surpasses 2 million followers on Weibo

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