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EXO-M to perform at the Korean Music Festival in LA


On May 3rd, EXO-M will be packing their bags and flying across the ocean to perform at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA.

The boys will be performing for the “The Korea Times12th  Korean Music Festival“!

They will be performing alongside Crayon Pop, B1A4, 2AM, Jung Dong-ha, Insooni, Kim Jong-seo, Ulala Session, Shim Soo-bong, and Dal Shabet!

The line-up looks great and we can’t believe that EXO-M will be performing at the festival again!

EXO-M to perform at the Korean Music Festival in L.A

EXO-M performed for the Korean Music Festival once, when they first debuted.

Now, as their popularity and skill levels are on the high rise, they’re ready to come back and show everyone just how much they have grown.

We’re glad that EXO-M is returning to L.A!

Hopefully they get to take a break and visit Disneyland again.

We know how much they loved it last time.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the Korean Music Festival, get them now before they sell out!

Source: Korea Times

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