EXO-M wins 1st place again on CCTV’s Global Chinese Music Chart

EXO-M topped CCTV’s Global Chinese Music Chart again!

Despite the turmoil that EXO-M is currently facing with Kris right now, it’s good to see that they still have a lot of fans in China.

The boys came out on top with 228,604 points this week…

But unlike before, where they destroyed their competition, it looks like some of their competitors are starting to catch up in points.

EXO wins 1st place on CCTV's Global Chinese Music Chart

We’re glad that EXO-M is still doing well in China.

Currently, there’s a civil war happening amongst EXO’s Chinese fans.

Many Chinese fans are siding with Kris and siding against EXO-M, saying that the Chinese members of EXO-M are betraying Kris…

It’s all one huge mess, and honestly EXOtics shouldn’t be picking one side or another in the first place.

However this situation plays out, we still hope that EXO-M and Kris see success in their separate careers.

We have faith that both parties will get past all of this controversy and become more and more successful.

Until that happens though, let’s help defend the remaining boys of EXO-M from all of the negative effects these immature fans are causing.

Currently there are a lot of negative search results defaming the remaining members of EXO-M as well as the members of EXO-K.

Here’s how we can help remove those negative search results and replace them with more positive and loving ones!

We can’t let EXO see even more negativity.

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