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EXO-M wins two awards from the 6th annual Top Chinese Music Billboard Newcomers Awards


The Chinese members of EXO-M (Kris, Luhan, Lay, and Tao) attended the 6th annual Top Chinese Music Billboard Newcomer Awards, and they took home two awards!

The 1st award they were given was the “Best Group Award“, showcasing how popular they are even as a rookie group! And as a group that debuted in Korea.

To congratulate them on their win, a little girl gave each member a kiss on the cheek.

But that wasn’t the only award that EXO-M won tonight.

EXO-M wins Best Newcomer and Best Music Video at the Chinese Music Billboard Newcomers award

They were also given the “Best Music Video Award“, unsurprisingly, for their Growl music video.

All of the members looked dashing on stage when accepting their awards.

With EXO winning so many awards already, imagine how far they’ll get a year from now.

Or actually just this month, when they’re making their Winter comeback with “Miracles in December.

Their single for “Miracles in December” already achieved all-kill status on Korea’s major music charts, and has topped many iTunes charts all over the country.

EXO will probably be taking home a lot more trophies very soon.

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