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EXO makes their first comeback stage with “Growl” on M! Countdown

EXO held their comeback stage yesterday on M! Countdown with their new track “Growl”. Only two months after the release of their very first full-album, XOXO, EXO returned with a song that follows the same concept as Wolf, but with a little less ferocity and a little more rhythm and beat. Growl is an addictive track with an extra-complicated choreography that may appeal to K-pop fans more than Wolf did. Their comeback stage was similar to Growl’s music video, with the boys taking full advantage of their stage and the camera work.

EXO makes their first comeback stage with Growl on M Countdown

Growl has already become a huge hit in the K-pop industry before the repackaged version of XOXO has time to hit the stores. Pre-orders for the new album had already received an overwhelming response, even crashing Synnara Record Korea’s servers. In less than 2 days, the Korean version of the Growl MV has almost reached 3 million views while the Chinese version has more than a million hits. These boys may still be considered rookies (not for long), but they’re already dominating the K-pop scene quicker than some more established K-pop groups.

If you haven’t seen EXO’s comeback stage on M! Countdown yet, you can check it out below. Also, EXO’s Chanyeol was the MC for the event, so be sure to check out his video cuts here!

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