EXO Member Profile and Facts: Luhan

Luhan is one of the main vocalists in EXO-M.

He is considered the face of the group, and he is one of the most popular members.

He originally auditioned to be part of JYP, but he failed, which is great for all of us because he successfully gained entrance into SM Entertainment.

He is a very easy-going person, making it easy for him to make friends.

He’s very close with a number of EXO members, most notably EXO-K’s Sehun and EXO-M’s Lay.

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Biography – Member Profile and Facts:

  • Stage Name: Luhan
  • Real Name: Lu Han
  • Nickname: Marilyn Monroe, Cute Little Prince, Xia Lu, Morning Deer, Little Deer, Flower boy, Lu Lu
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the group
  • Born: April 20th, 1990
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Personality: Innocent, lazy, bright, joyful, easy-going, gentle
  • Family: Father, Mother, Brother (unsure whether older or younger)
  • Height: 178cm or 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 73kg or 136lbs
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Super Power (Badge): Telekinesis
  • Habit: Not really a habit, but one time one of the members of EXO accidentally broke his Rubik’s cube. In order to quell his anger, he kept chanting to himself, “Lu, you’re a man”.


  • Favorite Foods: Bubble tea, foods prepared by his parents.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Playing with his Rubik’s cube, soccer, animation, art, video games, computers, water sports, racket sports, nature sports, baseball, basketball, football, all sports really, going to concerts, listening to music, singing, watching TV, and traveling.
  • Favorite Color: White
  • Favorite Music: R&B
  • Favorite Singers/Artists: SNSD, DBSK’s Yunho, H.O.T, Super Junior, WestLife, M2M, Usher, Akon, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Lee Hom Wang, Yu Quan.
  • Favorite Cartoons/Animes: Dragon Ball, Death Note, Naruto.
  • Favorite Fashion Style: Simple and casual.


  • Role Models: N/A.
  • Celebrities they’re close with: f(x)’s Amber, the members of Super Junior.

Luhan Fun Facts:

  • He is a huge fan of sports.
  • He says that in EXO, he’s the best at playing sports.
  • He auditioned to join JYP Entertainment in 2008. He failed the audition and later auditioned to be part of SM Entertainment.
  • In 2008, he attended Yonsei University as an exchange student.
  • He joined SM Entertainment in 2008. A scouting agent approached him while he was shopping in Myeongdong.
  • His parents wanted him to move back home instead of joining SM Entertainment.
  • His ideal type of woman is quiet, gentle, kind, and innocent. He imagines her having long hair and pale skin.
  • He says that if he sees a girl he likes, he’ll make the first move boldly to get to know her.
  • He officially joined SM Entertainment through the 2010 SM Casting System.
  • He is roommates with Lay in China.
  • He says that out of all of the EXO members, Lay was the one who left the deepest impression on him.
  • Luhan can’t leave the house without his cologne.
  • In Korea, he’s roommates with Xiumin and Kris.

  • He is very easy-going. Because of his personality, he wasn’t bullied by the other trainees at SM Entertainment (Chinese trainees are usually bullied for being different).
  • He prefers wearing clothes that are simple.
  • He loves coffee. He tries to drink coffee at least once a day. His favorite coffee is Iced Americanos, no sugar or cream. He likes it completely bitter.
  • He and Xiumin took a barista class together in order to learn how to best make coffee.
  • He is currently majoring in Applied Music at Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • He was a former ulzzang.
  • He made his official debut as an EXO member on December 27th, 2011.
  • On December 29th, 2011, he, along with Kai, Tao, and Chen performed at SBS’s Gayo Daejun.
  • Luhan has zero tolerance for both smoking and alcohol.
  • He is very shy in front of the camera. He was scolded by SM Entertainment once because of this.
  • Despite his warm and likable personality, Luhan says he’s very shy.
  • He is afraid of heights.

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  • He loves Donald Duck.
  • He doesn’t like it when people touch his head.
  • Luhan finds Sehun cute when he’s angry, so he’ll purposely annoy Sehun from time to time just to get a reaction out of him.
  • He didn’t realize beef could be so expensive until he began living in South Korea.
  • He is very popular with the girls. Well he’s actually popular in general.
  • He likes looking at pictures of himself online. He likes browsing through high quality photos fans take of him.
  • He only knows how to cook ramen with eggs.
  • He has naturally curly hair.
  • His favorite Korean phrase is “Aigoo”.
  • He loves RPG games and gaming PCs.

  • He considers himself the manliest out of all the EXO-M members.
  • He likes listening to Bruno Mars and Peter Gene Hernandez’s music.
  • He says that he sings Bruno Mars’s songs a lot in order to relieve his stress.
  • He really respects Super Junior for their strong work ethic as well as their friendliness towards their juniors.
  • He really likes watching “Radio Star” on his free time. He finds the MCs very interesting and he likes Kyuhyun’s poison-tongued input.
  • He has this pet peeve when it comes to his bed. He doesn’t like anyone on his bed, he’ll kick them off. One time, his manager came to discuss EXO-M’s schedule for the day. The manager sat on Luhan’s bed and Luhan’s facial expression immediately became “rotten”. Then the manager started sitting really comfortable on Luhan’s bed and Luhan lowered his head, scrunching up his face even more. The manager then lifted one of his feet onto Luhan’s bed, and Luhan completely turned his head away from sight. The manager asked Luhan what was wrong, but Luhan quickly raised his head, smiled brightly, and said “Nothing, hyung!” After the manager left, Luhan changed his bed sheets.
  • He wish there was a way to keep people off his bed.
  • Luhan’s mother knows about the EXO pairings created by fans. She said that if he were to marry a girl, they had better look like Xiumin or Sehun.
  • In 2014, Luhan decided to leave EXO for health reasons and to also be closer to his family.
  • Luhan and SM Entertainment are still resolving their legal issues.

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