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EXO members unfollow Kris on Instagram

In light of Kris’s decision to leave both SM Entertainment and EXO, a few of the EXO members have unfollowed him on Instagram.

Sehun, Tao, and Chanyeol all recently unfollowed Kris on the social media network, unhappy with his decision to leave them.

We can only imagine what’s happening at the dorms right now.

We would’ve hoped that Kris would have at least kept his relationship with the EXO members strong.

EXO members unfollow Kris on Instagram

Also, Sehun uploaded a picture of a big question mark with the description “…”.

We knew that Sehun was close to Kris, as was Chanyeol and Tao.

Whatever’s going on through Kris’s mind, we hope both him and EXO the best.

We actually wished that he would’ve held off from terminating his contract.

We have no idea how his leaving will impact EXO’s promotion for “Overdose“.

We hope that they’ll still continue to sell lots of albums and win lots of trophies.

  1. […] Many of the members have already unfollowed EXO’s Kris on Instagram. […]

  2. […] Sehun recently posted a picture of a question mark with the caption “…” on his Instagram account. […]

  3. passion burn says

    more like SM unfollowed Kris in IG with the members’ accounts

  4. Mei Bi says

    Never seen that , to compare even when jay park from 2pm left the band the members didn’t react as exo members. I really find they were too harsh against kris. You cannot forget a 8 years friendship like this by unfollowing on Instagram so immature and stupid. As a friend you support your friend no matter what!

    1. Fenily Charo says

      The situation is completely different Jay Park didn’t want to leave (he did in respect for his fellow members cuz the netizens were going crazy for things he wrote predebut). 2pm admitted they were mad at him, they said some stuff and let it go, even Wooyoung pretended he didnt know who jay was when asked about him in a interview. EXO was never harsh to kris, only exo knows the real truth NOT YOU. They only said kris needs to apologize and stop the nonsense, and when they won the award the leader just said they will be the exo who thinks about fans and exo and not themselves (referring to when kris left he did it messy, ignoring everybody and leaving SM to question whether or not he will still show up to the concert for his exo members and fans). What is immature? The fact that kris couldnt do things properly and leaving all the misunderstandings and peices for exo to pick up? Get real and come back to reality. Kris was my bias, i can swear on my life, but after research and finding out the truth and watching all the members, i believe in the members, i believe in EXO. It is what it is. Exo misses kris too, but guess what, they are working hard just like ever, and it’s not their problem someone has a change of heart, they just doing what they are doing, and kris is the one who dropped the bomb. EXO handle everything honestly and real unlike kris who kept quiet (of course he should cuz he has nothing to say, cuz there was no mistreatment, whereas Hengeng has his story) Read above comment for further understanding.

  5. Fenily Charo says

    Anyways i stayed quiet for so long and i just wanted to share my thought
    on this. Because Kris was my bias, so i naturally sided with him, even
    wrote tons of things on youtube… but after realizing a lot of facts
    and watching and reading and researching… i came to my own conclusion.
    I think it’s really sad and pathetic ppl actually believe stupid stuff
    like “well.. so and so told exo members not to talk to kris..” whehther
    that is true or not, do you ACTUALLY believe they would do that? Do you
    think they are a bunch of 6 yr olds or robots? They are adults and there
    isnt a contract that says “you must listen to me when i tell you not to
    talk to someone”
    Seriously, i watched them since day 1. I believe in exo, you can see they are hard working, HONEST, righteous people!
    you follow SM entertainers since day one you would already know that SM
    made huge changes in 2011. If you watched clips from BOA, DSBK, SHinee
    and SNSD, you can see them make comments (EVEN BEFORE KRIS LEFT) how
    lucky the new generation of SM celebrity get it, why? because so much
    changes have been made. NO KRIS WAS NOT MISTREATED, everyone was treated
    EQUALLY, whether he was annoyed or irritated and isolated himself
    because of stress who knows but he was not mistreated in anyway! SM was
    known for mistreatment in the PAST, like how Hengeng went to the
    hospital and his manager came in and pulled the needle out from his arm
    to get him to hurry up. SM ppl these days are treated really good, they
    can go out whenever they want (you can google to see they can subway,
    bus, and play, there is tons of them roaming secretly around the street)
    can eat whatever they want and good food too (even outside of their own
    SM cafeteria), if they are sick or hurt they will be taken care of
    completely unlike Hengeng era. So unlike you think all the artists
    somehow have magical powers and knew kris was gunna leave in the future
    so they all just happen to lie about SM changes… just stop, SM
    improved because they have the money and facilities and power to do so.
    Even since 2012 Lay been saying how well the ceo and stuff treated them
    and they all have mad respect for the ceo.
    The only ‘illegal’ thing
    is (and you will find this in ALL good agencies in KOREA in general) is
    being an idol is not a 8-5pm job… being an idol is a FULL TIME JOB.
    You will have to do things you dont like, act ageyo when someone asks
    you, do radio shows, you will ask yourself “i came to sing and dance..
    so why the heck am i doing stuff that has nothing to do with what i
    wanted to do?” you will face tons of things you have to do that you dont
    want to do. It’s stressful and humiliating.
    Exo is working their
    butts off. But think about those who are doing so well like B2st is
    another group i love, and they say many times “im lucky if i get 3 hours
    of sleep” because they normally get 1 hour or less. EXO feels tired
    because yes it’s stressful and hard, but SM does it this way so you are
    famous, well known, so you can reach the ends of the earth, and not end
    up like those non-well-known boy groups who are not promoted properly.

    Another thing, Kris was swaying because he was indeed getting a
    flood of opportunities in china while he was in exo. Maybe i would have
    done the same thing. Being able to do what i want, be with my mom, get a
    healthy amount of sleep… why wouldnt i? Kris wouldnt break the
    contract with SM so he had no choice but to sue them, that was his
    reason so he can leave and join a china agency. If someone offered me a
    shorter, million dollar contract with better benefits, it’s looking good
    right? He was already looking at gigs and movies in May. It goes to
    show, it is what it is. Looking at the big picture i can understand what
    kris did. But he should have ended things properly and not let his
    members pick up his pieces for him. Ignoring them and leaving SM
    wondering if he was gunna show up at the concert last minute or not for
    his exo members and fans. And i watched and seen exo well enough to see
    their true personalities… i like tao the least but i know him well
    enough to see he is pure, innocent, righteous, sensitive, and will just
    speak the truth, when he says he will not lie to his fans. I believe
    that. I believe exo. It is what it is.
    And i can see why kris isnt
    saying anything (there isnt much to say, but it was just hard) where
    Hengeng explained what happened to him.

    even from the beginning
    when he was my fav, i was always nervous for him if he had to do
    something he didnt like, u can see it on his face. And there are times
    before recording mcs/hosts are asked not to ask kris to do certain
    things and other members will do it instead. So everything kris does
    something funny or joins in, the other members get really excited,
    supportive and encouraging so that he will continue to feel proud and
    comfortable with his actions. Kris just simpy tired, stressed, and
    didnt enjoy what he was doing and questioning himself if he can continue
    this lifestyle for many more years while at the same time having a
    bunch of options that are looking really good too.
    In the end, i
    wish him peace and happiness being a chinese solo actor. It suits
    him,(the boy idol group didnt suit him) and he will be living the
    lifestyle he wants with his mom, and being healthy.

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