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EXO-M’s Immortal Song performance to air on March 1st!

Way back in October 2013, EXO-M traveled to China to pre-record an episode for the Chinese version of Immortal Song.

Now 4, almost 5 months later, Dragon TV is finally ready to air their performance!

We’re not sure what the long delay was all about, but we’re glad it’s finally here.

The boys look so charismatic in the preview for Immortal Song.

EXO-M's performance on Chinese Immortal Song to air March 1st

Technically, the 1st episode of Immortal Song is set to air on March 1st, and the series preview shows EXO-M looking charismatic and cool, but there is always a possibility that they won’t be featured in the premiere episode, but another episode later down the line.

We hope that isn’t the case.

The first episode of the Chinese Immortal Song will broadcast at 9:15PM CST.

The preview for Immortal Song looks amazing, and it looks like EXO-M has a whole lot of tough competition.

We hope that they’re able to come out on top with a win.

You can check out the Immortal Song preview in the video below.

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