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EXO-M’s Kris bids farewell to Los Angeles!

After successfully wrapping up their performance at the 12th annual Korea Times Music Festival, it’s time for EXO-M to say goodbye to California.

Kris uploaded a picture of him saying farewell to LA.

In his picture, he is bidding adieu to everyone while camouflaging with a tree and some bushes.

We don’t know if his camo was intentional, but it was definitely working.

EXO's Kris bids farewell to Los Angeles

The boys of EXO-M had a wonderful time in LA.

Before their performance, they were out-and-about, sightseeing and showing off their various designer clothes.

Because they were only in town for a short time, they weren’t able to visit Disneyland, which we know disappointed Luhan.

He’ll get to see Donald Duck another time.

The boys left their mark on L.A. though. They took the stage at the Korea Times Music Festival and performed their huge hits like “Growl” and their latest single “Overdose“.

We’re sad to see them go, and we hope that we’ll get to see them again very soon, whether it’d be for the SMTOWN concerts or for another Hallyu event.

Have a safe flight back you guys!

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