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EXO Next Door Preview has been released!

A preview for EXO Next Door has been released and well… it’s pretty much what we thought it’d be.

It looks pretty cheesy, we’re not going to lie, but all of the boys look so good that we don’t care!

Chanyeol looks super adorable when he’s crushing on someone and Baekhyun is his goofy ol’ self.

Sehun looks super dashing and our D.O is as squishy as ever.

Preview for EXO Next Door Released

The other EXO members will be making appearances throughout EXO Next Door too, but possibly only as guest stars.

We already know that we’re going to get some second-hand embarrassment from watching this series, but we don’t care!

As long as we get to watch 16-episodes of the EXO members looking good and being goofy, we’re golden.

Check out the preview for EXO Next Door below. Tune in on April 9th for the series premiere. We can’t wait!

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