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EXO obtains their very 1st win on Music Bank!

The boys of EXO have done it, and a lot quicker than most groups. They won first place on ‘K-Chart’ with their charismatic performance of Wolf on Music Bank! Their competition wasn’t easy either. They went up against the legendary Kpop singer Cho Yong Pil, which was pretty demoralizing. While the results were coming together, fans were on their toes, nervously awaiting the final scores.

But even Cho Yong Pil couldn’t stop these young wolves from taking first place. EXO won by a landslide, and by landslide, I mean they received twice as many points as Cho Yong Pil. They received 14,419 points while Cho Yong Pil only obtained 7,270. The boys were ecstatic that they won. After the announcement, Suho couldn’t control his tears, and Kai was crying alongside him. Chanyeol had to take over the MC position in order to thank their fans.

Once the boys returned back to their waiting room, however, many of the EXO members began releasing the tears they were holding back as well. The managers brought them a cake in order to celebrate their first win (and as a rookie group as well).

EXO wins first place on Music Bank

At the Gimpo fansign event they had right after, Kai was still crying, and was bowing to every single one of their 6,000 fans. Tao hugged him in order to comfort him. Speaking of Tao, remember how he promised he would “strip” if they ever won first place? Well a fan asked him about the promise and he unfortunately said, “I’m one who can’t keep that promise”. Cute and innocent Tao.

Despite being awfully tired, the boys received a full load of extra energy thanks to the win. They cut their celebratory cake in front of their fans and thanked them continuosly for making their success possible.

EXO wins first place on Music Bank 1

Many people congratulated EXO on their success. Their manager, Im Hyunkun, tweeted, “Guys.. You’re admirable.”

The legendary BoA tweeted, “Oho~~~~~~~~~EXO won first place? Yah~Congrats~ True Wolves ~Congratulations.”

Amber from f(x) tweeted, “EXO as expected~ Congratulations on being first!!~”

It’s definitely a big day for EXO and we’re all proud of them. We’re hoping that they get first place in many music competitions in the future. You can check out their waiting room video, performance, 1st place win, and encore performance in the video below.

Also, it appears that a mysterious private video has shown up on EXO’s Youku account. Could it finally be the drama version of their Wolf MV?

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