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EXO performs a charismatic stage at the 2013 MAMA awards

EXO performed their special stage for the 2013 MAMA awards!

Their theme for the 2013 MAMAs were students trying to escape their school. Rookie actress Yoon So Hee joined them for their little skit, portraying a muse helping them devise an escape plan.

Their stage was pretty spectacular. It was very dark, and we were greeted with a German voice over, which of course I didn’t understand.

But the boys looked pretty great, and Yoon So Hee looked beautiful in her white dress.

The boys portrayed students who were being held captive to their desks. Each member portrayed Wolf-like behavior, struggling to break free.

EXO performs an charismatic remixed stage at the 2013 MAMA awards

Luhan, the main protagonist in the Wolf dramas as well as the 2013 MAMA ceremony, broke free first and ran off with Yoon So Hee, making fan girls everywhere jealous.

They ran towards the light, and made their way onto the 2013 MAMA awards stage, where they found the other members still being held captive to their desks. The other boys were immediately broke their handcuffs, and immediately began performing a charismatic dance routine.

They kicked off their performances with “Growl“. Their performance was of course great, and they showed a few twists in their routine here and there, especially after their second chorus when they began performing a new remixed choreography to Growl. Kai was of course leading the forefront of the dance.

Luhan immediately took over and led group B in their performance.

Both Kai and Luhan fought for control of the camera, but ultimately decided to share the stage with all 12 members performing together.

They continue on with their performance of Growl, with the girls of SNSD watching their labelmates in admiration.

After finishing Growl, Luhan and Kai immediately broke out in a fighting scene. Perhaps this is the end of the Wolf drama that we all wanted to see?

Their moves were well-choreographed and entertaining. They then broke out into synchronized choreography, showing off their skills as members of Younique Unit.

They then joined their other EXO members in the “Tree of Life“.

Wolf begins, and it’s a remixed version! It’s been dub-stepped up and it sounded amazing! I actually felt that it was superior to the original version. The boys also performed the ‘One-Shot camera” their Wolf performance, making it extra special.

After the second chorus ends, the boys form 3 groups, and the stage forms a strange life-like illustration connecting the boys. Kai breaks into a solo performance, and Wolf continues, transitioning perfectly.

The boys perform at alternate dance at the end of Wolf, closing off an amazing performance.

If you missed the performance, which is unfortunate, you can watch it below!

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