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EXO performs a passionate rendition of “Still a Dark Night”


EXO took the stage of Immortal Song 2 again and this time they put on a group performance! The boys performed their own rendition of the 80’s song “Still a Dark Night” by Jun Young Rok, and they rocked their performance!

Rainbow’s Jaekyung stated,

“It’s a performance bursting with passion. Like they’ll come out from the screen.”

Gilme stated,

“Everyone had a passionate performance, but EXO’s was the best.”

Even Jun Young Rok had nice things to say. He said,

“I’m right here, but I felt like I was with you on the stage.”

EXO performs a passionate rendition of Still a Dark Night

Unfortunately, despite all of the compliments, the boys couldn’t surpass Bada, who won with a whopping 414 points.

EXO’s performance was very powerful, with many fans saying that they would love EXO to record songs like “It’s Still a Dark Night.” Oh, and Xiumin got to sing!! (finally). Though the criticisms towards EXO were also true. The boys could have had a much more polished dance routine, which may have been what hurt them in the end.

On the plus side, Bada has taken her leave from Immortal Song 2 in order to pursue other options, so this may be a grand opportunity for EXO! Here’s hoping that in the next recording, they’ll be able to grab their 1st win!

Source: Allkpop

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