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EXO performs a whole unit for “Christmas Day” – Wins 1st on Show Champion

EXO finally performed as a whole unit!

All 12 members dressed up in suspenders and performed the song “Christmas Day” for the folks at Show Champion!

Their choreography was very suave and sensual, making girls all over swoon.

Their vocals were also on-spot throughout the performance.

EXO wins their 3rd trophy with Miracles in December

Hopefully SM Entertainment releases a dance practice video for “Christmas Day” soon, because many of us were experiencing difficulties watching the Show Champion stream.

Show Champion was special for EXO today because not only did they get to perform “Christmas Day”, they were able to perform “Miracles in December” as well.

EXO’s Suho and Xiumin were also special MCs for Show Champion alongside f(x)’s Amber.

With the combination of their performances of Miracles in December and Christmas Day, EXO was able to secure their 1st place on tonight’s Show Champion, grabbing their 3rd overall win with “Miracles in December” total.

Congratulations EXO!

Also, check out EXO’s entire performance below!

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