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EXO performs December, 2014 on Music Bank’s Special

EXO’s main vocalists have just performed their brand new Winter single “December, 2014 (The Winter Tale)” live on Music Bank’s special tonight!

The song is definitely a more warm tune compared to Miracles in December.  Also, it’s fantastic.

D.O, Chen, and Baekhyun did a phenomenal job performing this song live.

Their vocals were on-point all throughout the song, even with Music Bank’s questionable sound system.

EXO performs December, 2014, Overdose, and Delicious on Music Bank Special 2014

But that wasn’t the only song that EXO performed for the night.

They also did a completely live version of their 2014 hit “Overdose“!

EXO showed haters that they can perform intense-choreography and still have perfect live vocals.

Seriously, all of the members sounded so good performing Overdose tonight. There’s just something magical about a live performance of songs that studio tracks can’t capture.

EXO showed that tonight.

And the final EXO performance of the night was EXO-M Xiumin’s when he performed “Delicious” with the SM-Woollim duo Two Heart.

Xiumin was just awesome on-stage with SHINee’s Key and INFINITE‘s Woohyun and Dongwoo. He was so charismatic and cute and sexy and lovable all at the same time during the performance.

Check out all 3 of EXO’s stages in the videos below!

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