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EXO performs “Sorry Sorry” and “Growl” for Music Core’s 400th Episode Special

EXO channeled their inner-Super Junior today as they performed “Sorry Sorry” on Music Core’s 400th Episode Special.

The boys looked so charismatic as they walked onto the stage, and their dancing impressed EXOtics, ELFs, and netizens alike.

One thing that was very disappointing about the performance was that it was too short!

We would’ve loved to hear EXO’s vocals during the verses, and for them to perform the full choreography.

EXO performs Sorry Sorry and Growl on Music Core's 400th Special Episode

But nonetheless, it was great to see EXO back on the stage.

And D.O’s vocals are still spot-on.

The boys immediately jumped into “Growl” and it was a very stellar performance. The vocals were amazing and the song was catchy as always.

We would’ve loved to see EXO participate more in the Music Core special. It would’ve been hilarious if they performed with “Boy’s Day” and if they held another joint stage with Girls’ Generation.

But it’s satisfying enough to see the boys back on Music Core’s stage. Here’s hoping that they make a comeback soon.

Check out EXO’s performance of “Sorry Sorry” and “Growl” below, as well as Xiumin’s MC cuts!

EXO Xiumin’s MC Cuts:

EXO – Sorry Sorry & Growl


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  1. Maijun Jamdee says

    Well, they were a whole lot less awkward doing Sorry Sorry than when they did it at the GDA, and of course, Growl is still as awesome as ever 😀

    Despite that, they looked REALLY tired during their performance, and I heard Kai had a back injury(?) (I’m impressed that he can still dance well with the pain in his back) Take care of yourselves guys! I seriously worry about your well-being. I can wait for your comeback if it means you’ll be all better and in good shape. Health first.

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