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EXO performs the fun trot song “With You” on Immortal Song 2

EXO went on stage at Immortal Song 2 again, and this time they performed a fun number!

The song they performed was a trot song, or a retro dance song, called “With You“. It was so fun seeing EXO perform the song. Their vocals were great and their dance was complex and impressive! Even the audience members started dancing along with them. It was cute seeing grandmothers enjoying the music.

The members performing on this episode of Immortal Song 2 were Chen, D.O, Baekhyun, Luhan, Sehun, Xiumin, Lay, and Kai.

The entire performance was captivating. Kai started off with his solo dance, and then the other members joined in on the fun.

EXO performs the fun trot song With By on Immortal Song 2

I really loved the retro feel of this song, and I loved how EXO put their own twist to the song.

Unfortunately, the boys of EXO lost again. This time they lost to Ailee, who put on a rather impressive performance herself! She won by only 5 points, with her points totaling 386 points while EXO achieved 381 points. Talk about neck and neck.

Congrats to Ailee on her win! Hopefully EXO wins next time! They’re getting better and better. Check our EXO’s performance below!

EXO – With You (HD):

EXO – After stage/Ailee Wins

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