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EXO picks Taeyeon as the prettiest Girls’ Generation member

Both EXO and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon sat down with SBS’s One Night TV Entertainment to talk about their Nature Republic endorsement.

During one point in the interview, the members of EXO were asked who they thought was the prettiest member in all of Girls’ Generation.

The members didn’t hesitate to choose Taeyeon as the prettiest member, which ended up turning into an awkward moment for EXO.


Because it turns out that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was behind-the-scenes watching the entire interview! When the MC revealed that tidbit of information, Suho quickly replied, “Sooyoung, we love you!” Causing everyone to laugh. Sooyoung graciously gave everyone a heart sign.

EXO picks Taeyeon as the prettiest Girls' Generation member

Taeyeon said that she believed they all replied impulsively, mainly because she was sitting right next to them. Had another GG member been sitting with them, their answers may have varied. Although I’m inclined to agree with them. Taeyeon is an absolute beauty, in terms of both looks and personality.

While looking at the EXO members, Taeyeon said that she felt like she was looking at Girls’ Generation when they first debuted. All of the EXO members are so young and there are so many members in their group.

In the same interview, Taeyeon demonstrated her closeness with the EXO members. She revealed that by just listening to their voices, she could tell each EXO member apart. They put her to the test with each member making a generic sound. Taeyeon proved herself right by being able to identify each member within a second after making their sound!

We don’t have the interview in English subs yet, but when we do, we’ll post it up ASAP.

Source: Allkpop

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