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“EXO Planet” fanclub disproves “Military Exemption Petition” rumors


A Daum fanclub for EXO called “EXO Planet” has disproved the Military Exemption Petition” rumors that have been going around and causing trouble amongst netizens.

The rumors basically stemmed from a psycho fan or anti-fan trying to defame EXO’s image. The user said that there was a petition going around, signed by 468,821 fans, trying to get EXO exempt from military duties. They said that “regular guys” could just add a few years onto their enlistment to make up for EXO’s absense.

The entire post was very sketchy.

EXO Planet, which has over 100,000 members in their fanclub, released an official statement regarding this incident.

They don’t actually know whether or not these posts were the work of a fan or an anti-fan, but they assured everyone that the petition was most certainly fabricated.

EXO Planet disproves Military Exemption petition rumors

They said,

“Hello. This is Daum’s ‘Exo Planet’. We are writing this statement because someone, whether it be an anti-fan or real fan, had written a post that puts EXO in bad light, and that post has been shared to various portal sites. We have absolutely no plans to sign any petition to exempt EXO members from military service. We love them in a way that will always support and encourage EXO when they make the right choices, and hope for the better with hurt hearts when they make poor decisions. 

We want you to know that we had nothing to do with this petition. However, if someone is spreading false information to hurt or make things difficult for our members, than we will take legal action.”

EXO Planet was joined by many other EXO fan clubs, saying that they were not encouraging any type of petition that would exempt EXO from their military services. Seeing as many of these EXO fan clubs were not involved this alleged petition, it further proves that this whole mess was in fact the work of an anti-fan.

Seriously, these people need to work on putting their energy towards something more positive, instead of dedicating their time to harm people.

Source: Soompi

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