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EXO ranked as the #1 Male Idol Group of 2013

According to a chart from Dispatch, EXO is ranked as the #1 Male Idol Group of 2013. They’re ranked at 499 points, which is nearly 200 more points compared to the #2 group, SHINee.

It’s extremely impressive for EXO to be able to beat out all of these other male idol groups, like INFINITE, 2PM, and BEAST.

SHINee came in 2nd place with 315 points, INFINITE came in 3rd with 280 points, 2PM came in 4th with 270 points, and BEAST came in 5th with 263 points.

EXO’s popularity has increased rapidly in the past few months. They’re almost so close to selling over 1 million copies of their XOXO album and becoming million-seller idols.

They may still be rookies, but they’re definitely leaving their mark in the K-Pop industry.

EXO ranked as the number 1 idol group of 2013 2

To figure out the rankings, Dispatch put together the artists’ total album sales, their YouTube scores, fanbases on Daum, TV show wins, CF endorsements, variety show appearances, and more.

So it’s no surprise that EXO ranked #1, considering they won about 18 times this year on music shows, sold more albums than most artists this year, had several CF endorsements, had a huge influx of new fans in their fanbases, and have over 10,000,000 views on their main music videos.

On the same chart, it looks like EXO’s labelmates SNSD has been ranked as the #1 Girl Idol Group of 2013 (no surprise there). They had a whopping 1,194 points, drastically putting themselves ahead of the rest of the competition.

SISTAR comes in second place with 389 points, f(x) comes in 3rd with 366 points, 4minute comes in 4th place with 350 points, and 2NE1 comes in 5th place with 332 points.

Now of course, this is only according to Dispatch’s research, however, I believe that most other sources would agree that EXO is the best male idols of 2013. Even Gaon believes so.

However, the year is not over yet. SHINee has just made a comeback, so they have a chance of gaining a bunch of more points by winning on music shows (though their competition is IU, so it might be tough), getting CF endorsements, etc etc.

Who knows, maybe SHINee will be able to dethrone EXO (that is, unless EXO releases another album this year).

EXO ranked as the number 1 idol group of 2013 1 EXO ranked as the number 1 idol group of 2013

Source: Dispatch

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