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EXO received their 8th win for Growl on Show Champion tonight!

The wins just keep on rolling for EXO. The 12-member rookie group, who had just come back from performing at KCON 2013 in LA for the weekend as well as MBC’s “Safe Seas, Happy Korea” concert, won their 8th win with Growl on Show Champion tonight!

The boys have doubled the amount of wins they received for Wolf, and the great thing is that they may have a few more trophies to win! EXO has been going strong and becoming increasingly popular (as if they weren’t popular enough already).

EXO received their 8th win with Growl tonight!

Last week, EXO swept through all of the major music shows and claimed each show’s trophy, showing just how powerful this rookie group can be. If they win this week’s Inkigayo and Music Core, they will be able to claim the coveted “Triple Crown” title that only the best of the best can achieve. What’s great is that if they are able to achieve that Triple Crown, they’d be able to have a great send off when the boys inevitably (and sadly) separate back into their EXO-K and EXO-M sub-units.

Congrats to EXO again. We’re looking forward to you winning your next trophy!

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